Lock for iOS

Instant sports predictions against friends

Lock for iOS

Lock was an easy way to compete with your friends in fantasy sports. It was inherently social because it initially only featured Facebook login, therefore it showed which of your friends made opposing predictions. Then “wagers” could be placed if you think you were a “lock” to win the contest.

Later versions were developed to create email-based logins. These point releases were welcomed with an increase in the number of active users. This meant more work had to be done to determine who was friends with whom.

“Wagers” is in quotes because the app only keep track of wins and losses by dollar amount. It never actually handled money or payment transactions between users. This is why the company pivoted to create SportsLock.


  • AFNetworking with RESTful APIs
  • Close collaboration with backend API dev
  • Facebook login integration
  • Auto Layout
  • Push notifications
  • Flurry analytics integration
  • Debugging from Crashlytics reports
  • git & GitHub with feature-based pull requests
  • Team Size: Only me