eVE Flex Framework

Everything needed to get an iPad sales running with less code

eVE Flex Framework

AbelsonTaylor develops Interactive Visual Aids (IVAs). These are applications that sales representatives use to inform (and convince) doctors about specific drugs.

eVE is a Flex 3 framework to allow developers to easily create IVAs for Tablet PCs in Adobe AIR. I played many roles on the development team from system architect to front end specialist. I am experienced in creating visual life-cycle compliant Flex components that tie in with backend data.

I created 90% of the visual display components, architected interfaces for interoperability for navigational components, worked with the other members of the development team on the data structures, and wrote most of the ASDoc API documentation.


  • Architect a framework
  • Use low level Sprites and Bitmaps for fast performance in Flex
  • All view logic in code for easy framework distribution (no MXML)
  • Flex component life-cycle needed to be adhered to for code changes anytime during the run process
  • Integration with eVE builder databases
  • Team Size: 2 developers

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