Re-Cycle for iOS

Divvy bike share route planner and timer

Re-Cycle for iOS

Re-Cycle helps you get the most out of your Chicago Divvy bike-share ride. Whether looking for a bike or a docking station, we’€™ll save you stress (and money!) by getting you there on time. Re-Cycle includes a built-in timer and 5 minute re-routing feature if you are cutting it close. Divvy charges you a fee if you’re over the 30 minute rental limit

Easy toggle when looking to ride or dock with quick at a glance space availability

  • red = almost out
  • orange = running out
  • blue = plenty available


  • Add stations for quick access
  • Swipe to the right to add or remove favorites

Bike directions

  • Directions to stations closest to your destination (i.e. station closest to the office or public park)
  • Turn by turn directions from station to docking station closest to your destination
  • Biking directions ordered by most bike friendly with approximate biking times utilizing Google Maps’ cycling directions

30 minute Timer

  • Visual and vibration alerts at 10 minutes and 5 minutes
  • At 5 minutes, open the app, if geographically further than 5 minutes away Re-Cycle will present a list of the 5 closest available stations to re-route to avoid being charged a fee!

Plan a trip in Apple Maps and use our Re-Cycle integration to map your route from station to station!

Automatically updates station information every 2 minutes.

Only works with Divvy bikes in Chicago (for now)


  • Extensive use of MapKit
  • Google place and direction search API integration
  • Custom Core Animation work
  • Local notifications
  • AFNetworking to consume Divvy JSON file
  • git & GitHub
  • Team Size: Only me