ParkWhiz for iOS

Reserve parking easily and save money over street parking

ParkWhiz for iOS

Finding parking can be difficult. ParkWhiz simplifies this process by allowing you to access various spots around your city and more often than not at prices cheaper than city or day-of prices.

I built out the ParkWhiz iOS app from the ground up. I worked closely with the team to solve problems, make API changes, and suggested user experience issues and solutions in the heavily map-driven app.

With over 2,000 locations nationwide, ParkWhiz can find you a guaranteed spot whenever you need one. Compare parking available immediately at prices lower than drive up, or book it in advance at a discount. Save time, save money, use ParkWhiz.

Update The version that is in the App Store currently has been updated and rebranded. The version I created works very similarly to the one in the store today.


  • Hybrid app using the web for checkout flows
  • Custom Core Animation work
  • Extensive use of MapKit
  • Debugging from Crashlytics reports
  • git & GitHub with feature-based pull requests
  • Team Size: Only me