SportsLock for iOS

Draft your favorite players and win big!

SportsLock for iOS

SportsLock allowed you to play with your friends for real money in a bracket format (similar to March Madness). The brackets were designed to handle 2 to 1024 players. The winner in a matchup moves on to the next round (a 1024 bracket would have 10 rounds). The victor is crowned when one player remains. Money was distributed to the top winners based on the number of rounds in the bracket.

SporsLock brackets could be played for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA basketball, and NCAA baseball.

  • Win a round by drafting a team of athletes in a real-time synchronous draft against a rival in a bracket
  • The professional athletes drafted will score fantasy points during the actual sporting event, provided by Stats LLC
  • The team of the player who scores the most points wins the round, and advances to the next round in the bracket

My Impact

I lead a team of 5 developers to launch SportsLock 1.0 in March of 2015. We iterated on the app with agile methodology to keep an approximate 2 week update schedule, with new features, redesigned flows, and bug fixes.

I developed the product’s core, a synchronous drafting engine running on web sockets talking to SignalR on the server.

Less than 5 months later, we launched 2.0 – with completely overhauled branding for the 2015 fantasy football season. I worked closely with designers to develop a pixel perfect experience. The app was refactored in 3 months. SportsLock 2.0 added a more cohesive visual design to the product and simplified flows for sports fans to get into the action quickly.

SportsLock 2.0

SportsLock 2.0 followed the poker format, where game lobbies were created to see players in the same bracket (and talk smack).

I utilized my design background to influence user experience and UI, and professed the need for good design and solid messaging through every interaction with the user (emails, website, app, etc).


  • AFNetworking with RESTful APIs
  • Close collaboration with backend API devs
  • Web Sockets with SocketRocket and SignalR
  • Mixed Swift with Objective-C
  • Auto Layout
  • Support iPhone 6 screen sizes
  • Push Notifications
  • FMDB for quick database access
  • PaintCode icon and view drawing
  • MixPanel, Tune, analytics integration
  • PayPal integration
  • Debugging from Crashlytics reports
  • Storyboard merge conflict hero
  • 1Password and Layer chat engine integration
  • git & GitHub with feature-based pull requests
  • JIRA for bug tracking
  • Team Size: Managed up to 5 developers

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