eVE for iPad Framework

Everything needed to get an iPad sales running with minimal code

eVE for iPad Framework

Interactive Visual Aids (IVAs) were quickly being transitioned to the iPad because of the ease of use and overall utility, especially in the enterprise. These apps are used by sales representatives to educate health care professionals about drugs, typically in a one-on-one situation.

eVE for iPad is an Objective-C based framework to facilitate IVA development. I designed and architected the experience for the two biggest pieces of the framework, the PreCall and Presentation View Controllers. Content for the framework can be quickly developed in HTML or Objective-C.


PreCall is where the sales rep prepares a “call” to tailor the experience to a doctor. The framework also syncs this data up to the SalesForce platform.

Presentation View Controller

The presentation view is where the doctor specific content would be displayed. I created various visual components including a rotating grid view and 3D card view (similar to the old Xbox interface). This allowed the sales rep to jump quickly to any piece of content, as long as the business rule groupings set up in eVE builder were not violated.

The goal for the framework was to be simple enough that incredibly complex tasks can be handled in very few lines of code. It offers, in a single line, Address Book or Salesforce.com contact syncing. Most functionality is baked-in by default with ability to override default behavior allowing for unlimited creative flexibility.


  • Built custom iOS framework
  • All views built in code
  • Extensive use of memory management (retain, release, autorelease)
  • Custom Core Animation work
  • Team Size: 3 developers

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