ichibod.com Portfolio

ichibod.com Portfolio

Fresh off of the heels of the eVE Flex Framework in 2011, I wanted to refresh my portfolio here on ichibod.com. I took what I learned and applied it to this site and made it in Flash.

My focus has changed in the time since I registered this domain in 1999, from design to development. I am proud of what I have accomplished in that time.

I focused on making the site fast and performant – Flash becomes incredibly slow when using heavy views, even movie clips when displayed at scale. Flex is even worse in this regard. I render most of the text and imagery directly to the screen to get a crisp, buttery 60 frames per second. This site uses the Text Layout Framework (included with Flex 4 only) to render “crispy” text in Flash. It loads content from a custom-built CMS running on CakePHP.

I render the transitions to an image, which also helps to prevent stuttering with animation of text. Since the prominence of what Apple calls a “retina display”, the site has not been updated to keep up with the times (also why it is still in Flash). Due to the lack of updates and on one of those displays, there is a pixelation of the animation.


  • CakePHP custom CMS
  • 100% Flash website
  • Built custom API for Flash consumption
  • Implementing the Text Layout Framework
  • Team Size: Only me